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Liam Gab

Customer Success Manager

Santa Barbara, CA

Among our strategic outreach specialists, you will find Liam Gab. He works in our Santa Barbara, CA location and says he is energized every time he solves someone’s problems. He works to help our salespeople and clients find the right solutions to their IT problems, recommending software and hardware with confidence and skill. Liam loves the culture and camaraderie here at PivIT and says he thrives on the prevalent work ethic here. His coworkers are “genuine” and great to work with.

As the industry evolves, Liam sees new responsibilities arising as a strategic outreach specialist. There will be more to learn as these changes in the industry continue to re-shape the world. He looks forward to learning new processes moving forward.
Liam loves to travel and has 3 dogs that keep him busy. His English Bulldog, Golden Doodle, and Golden Retrievers pup keep him busy and supply him with plenty of entertainment while he’s at home.

Liam Gab is a member of our Growth Strategy team here at PivIT Global.

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