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A Referral Program Unlike Any Other

Our Customer Referral Program

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At PivIT Global, we’ve set out to Change the Direction of IT – change the way our customer see, handle and manage their IT efforts.  We know and appreciate that people work with people who they know and trust.  If you’ve realized a benefit to your work by working with PivIT Global, we’d love if you shared your experience with those in your network who could utilize the same benefits.

We’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible:
  • Receive 5% Revenue Share for Your Referrals, For Life
  • Participate in Special Events and Appreciation for Top Referrers
  • Receive Quarterly Statements on Your Referrals

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My customers have found that our referral program is unlike any other in the industry.

Mike McKay
Sales Director @ PivIT Global

People influence people...


How It Works

  • Submit Referrals Here
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  • Get Paid!

One customer that is well taken care of, is more valuable than a worlds' worth of advertising budget.