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Why Juniper Networks?

Juniper Networks, we are engineers. Juniper prides themselves on solving difficult problems just as engineers do. The biggest challenge of our time is complexity. So today, we have a new obsession: driving simplicity. This passion and purpose is why PivIT Global supports Juniper Networks.

Speed Innovation

From the AI-driven enterprise to Juniper Connected Security and software subscriptions, we’re building the best programs and specializations to help make you successful.

Boost Profitability

We offer best-in-class rewards and incentives to help you tap into new market opportunities and grow your revenue in existing markets.

Expand Opportunities

We make investment in sales and marketing tools and resources that equip our partners to grow and expand in new territories.

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Juniper provides cloud-optimized switches that are purpose-built for corporate, campus, and data center convergent infrastructures.  These networking solutions address the needs of growing enterprises for high availability, unified communications, and virtualization. Juniper networking switches, routers, and communication security equipment can be scaled to meet the requirements of large data centers and service providers. 

Juniper offers a diverse portfolio of switch equipment.  The EX Series is purpose-designed to deliver high availability for cloud-grade deployments. The QFX Series features high-performance and high-density technology that meets the needs of data center and service provider deployments. Juniper’s data center switch architectures support scaling to 1000s of ports.

Purpose-built for High Bandwidth

Juniper switches provide an ideal combination of performance and technical innovation. The data center switches are renown for their capability to drive efficiency into networking fabrics that must handle the highest needs for bandwidth. Juniper switches deliver cutting edge technology and are consistently referenced by Gartner as marketing leaders in their performance and effectiveness.

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The Juniper portfolio of routers provides comprehensive scalability to meet the bandwidth requirements of high-demand network infrastructures. Juniper’s routers are renown for their capability to support digital transformation with service providers and cloud operators.  The servicing of enterprise-grade rates of complex IP/MPLS routing are a hallmark of Juniper routing technology.

High Performance and Scalability

Juniper’s Small Business Routers provide cutting-edge capabilities and security features at an affordable price. Juniper’s Branch Router support high-security connectivity, machine learning capabilities, and cloud-managed deployment. Juniper’s WAN Aggregation Routers deliver high-performance in WAN, Internet, and machine-to-machine (M2M)​ interconnectivity environments. Juniper’s Service-provider core is purpose-built to meet enterprise needs for scalability and cost-effectiveness.

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Juniper firewall technology increases the reach of perimeter security to include a holistic strategy in which all devices become a line of defense. The SRX Service Gateways are next-generation firewalls that adapt to new threats. These firewalls are purpose-built to interface with Juniper’s Sky Advanced Threat Prevention cloud-based service. This service is purpose-built to block malicious activities throughout the entire network.

Juniper’s firewall solutions deliver comprehensive threat detection and security enforcement through systems that mine data from the entire network. Juniper routers physical form factors provide single-box solutions that traverse the needs for all-in-one security and networking appliances to scalable, chassis-based solutions purpose-built for ultra performance.

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Juniper is For You

If you are an enterprise, cloud provider, or service provider Juniper has the solutions for you! PivIT Global makes Juniper's AI-driven insight, built-in automation, and focus on achieving greater business agility available to you. Chat with our team today to learn how Juniper can fits your needs!

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