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Telephony and Accessory Hardware & Hands-Off Support to Connect Your Team and Network

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With a wide variety of models and providers, PivIT has a comprehensive portfolio of telephony components—with prices that can help minimize your expense while maximizing quality.

PivIT also offers OneCall, which gives you top-to-bottom, all-inclusive support of new and legacy telephony components. And with PivIT’s EXTEND, you have certified pros at your disposal to assist with pre-configuration, installation, troubleshooting, and more. Scroll to see what OneCall and EXTEND can do for your IT team.

Telephony Hardware

With an extensive network of OEM’s, PivIT offers an extensive selection of telephony products—both new and legacy—for virtually any situation. PivIT’s telephony solutions are used by a variety of organizations, large and small, to keep their employees connected regardless of how and where they work.


Our team is ready to meet your accessory needs through lines of fabric extenders, fabric interconnects, power supply units as well as put products from separate OEMs next to each other for a direct comparison. If you're looking for autoconfiguration, lossless fabric, connectivity between teams, or an extra boost to your power supply, we have your covered. When it comes down to the perfect mix of your budget, scalable bandwidth, and access to hands-off support, PivIT is here so you can reach your goals.

Telephony & Accessory Options

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See all telephony components and narrow your search according to what best fits your needs with our Products Tool.

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Telephony OEMs

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Services for Your Telephony & Accessory Infrastructure

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Maintenance Coverage

Don't Leave IT  Vulnerable

Not only does OneCall provide next-day and 4-hour solutions for mission-critical components like VoIP phones, routers, interconnects, and fabric extenders, OneCall gives you backup components on-site for virtually instant installation. This can save you thousands of dollars in downtime. When a fabric extender or interconnect malfunctions, critical communication can be lost, putting the entire organization on pause. Likewise, to prevent downtime and save money, you need a comprehensive, fast maintenance package like OneCall. To make sure you get the coverage perfect for your network, OneCall allows you to custom-design your coverage so the most mission-critical telephony components get faster coverage than less-pivotal units.

OneCall Covers New and Legacy Telephony Components

While OEM maintenance packages often expire long before your telephony hardware does, OneCall protects both new and legacy components. Even if your network has a mix of new and legacy equipment, with OneCall, each component has equally robust coverage.

Protect Your Accessories

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Field Services

Don't Go IT  Alone

With EXTEND, you can "extend" your team using PivIT's certified professionals. The services you use, and how you put them to work, is up to you. With EXTEND, you can have professionals:

  • Perform different levels of service with SmartHands, which allows you to choose the best pros according to what works for you
  • Gain the certainty you need in choosing the right telephony hardware
  • Source the best telephony components for your network, using a mixture of new and legacy units
  • Ship the telephony unit you need straight to its final destination. You don't have to box, un-box or manage packing or other logistics.
  • Pre-configure your telephony unit in PivIT's warehouse so it reaches its destination ready for installation.
Service Your Accessories
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“Our fabric extender failed, and we lost touch with crucial team members. PivIT had us up and running in no time–with a better unit that cost less than the original.”

Lisa C.
Network Engineer, Fortune 500 Fin-Tech Firm

Find Your  PivIT Solution. Start here.

Choose the best telephony components for your network–with confidence. Each organization is unique, and we thrive on meeting your specific needs.

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“When we needed a complete telephony upgrade, we thought the cost was going to be too steep. But PivIT provided a cost-effective solution and comprehensive coverage with OneCall.”

Julia A.
Procurement Director, Health Care Industry

Need Telephony components?

If you're ready to purchase, you can explore more purchasing options for telephony infrastructure below:

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If you know the parameters of the telephony units you need, you can pick the best solution for your network now.

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The online quoting tool is designed to help you figure out the telephony infrastructure you need–using our real-time inventory system with up-to-date lead times. We want to streamline the procurement process by putting everything at your fingertips.

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OneCall Lifetime Warranty Included

With OneCall's Lifetime Warranty, there's no need to worry about losing coverage or remembering individual expiration dates. You're covered.

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We've got experts and pre-sales engineers standing by to help you make a decision on your next telephony purchase... 

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