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About the Game: N3t Work3r

We've teamed up with bencinStudios of Nashville, TN to bring you our new game, N3t Work3r. During these challenging times, it's especially important to maintain balance so we thought that this game might be a unique way to help find that balance (... and just to have some fun and pass the time)!

This game started as a fun way for our employees to take a break during the day and quickly became a favorite of ours and we wanted others to have the chance to play!  We think you're going to love it! Give it a go - totally free!

The game will run on Windows machines.  This is still an early version and we welcome your feedback! We're also working on a web-version so if you don't have a PC - we'll be releasing the web-version very, very soon 😀!


Download & Play Now!