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Arista Networks

Delivering your next switch, monitoring your next data center, and integrating your entire network

Arista Networks

As an industry-leader, check out where Arista is winning in the network space.

Switching Platforms

Learn more how Arista is disrupting the market with their Cognitive Campus Switches


Learn more about the core of Arista's cloud networking solution!

Why Arista?

Arista Networks is an industry leader in cognitive cloud networking for mission-critical data center and campus environments. Arista is focused on lowering power consumption and your footprint in the data center along with scalable, high-performance, and ultra-low latency cloud networks – exactly the things that make Arista a Gartner leader for Cloud and Data Center Networking. A long-time leader in the data center, Arista has recently made a play to the edge with striking success. At PivIT Global, we’re thrilled to welcome Arista to the edge. You’re going to want to incorporate this superior technology into your core or edge networks as needs arise.

Arista was founded to deliver software-driven cloud networking for cloud scale, cloud class and hybrid cloud networking environments. A key innovation of theirs is the use of silicon that enables open standards-based networking with rapid time-to-market. Arista's architecture and cognitive cloud networking is transformational and changing complexity into simplicity.

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Cognitive Cloud Campus

A simplified approach to campus network challenges.

Through a universal cloud network, cognitive management plane, and securing the campus, Arista's Cognitive Cloud Campus brings proprietary solutions, consistency, and holistic approach to your network. Consolidating campus layers into simpler topologies is the goal Arista strives after to reduce costs and improve reliability. Here is what it looks like:

  • Spline Architecture
  • Spine or Modular Switches
  • PoE Leaf Switches
  • Wi-Fi Platform

How do you manage this all? With consistency. Arista's Cognitive Management Plan provides not only the consistency but analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence needed to save you OpEx and the headache when identifying network issues. When troubleshooting network issues as well as maintaining a secure network the Cognitive Campus brings a holistic approach. Through Arista's security partner's service integration you gain access to industry-leading network segmentation, encryption, device compliance, and auditing.

Arista Network's Cloud Networking portfolio consists of 15+ switches ranging from Modular 100/400G Spine to Dynamic Deep Buffer 25/50/100/400G, Cloud Optimized 100G/400G to Multi-function Programmable Leaf Switches, and Ultra Low Latency Switches to 10M-MGig Campus PoE Switches. A few IDs to check out:

  • 720XP-48ZC2
  • 7050SX3-48C8
  • 7150S-64
  • 7280CR2M-30

As Arista Networks disrupts the market with their infrastructure and innovation, we’re here to support your teams as you disrupt industries of your own - let us know how we can help you with your next Arista need by reaching out today!

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Extensible Operating System

Arista’s bread and butter is the Extensible Operating System (EOS). Responsible for the company’s growth, both the EOS and switching platform has helped cloud providers build their networking infrastructure. They are not only seen in the cloud–Arista Networks recently made a stand with the 720XP Leaf Switch in a bake-off with one of our clients. Their switching portfolio has expanded into campus and branch offices, as they are making an impact on the industry.

The EOS is at the core of Arista cloud networking no matter where you are in the network. It allows you to scale your needs anywhere from 100 to 100,000+ compute and storage nodes while offering numerous programmability option. Providing an open, programmable switching fabric across data centers, cloud platforms, and edge locations, the EOS combines modern-day software and O/S architectures. 

At its core System Data base, the EOS provides a development framework that enables extensibility. This could be the key to gaining access to the industry-leading platform. Reach out today to learn more about Arista Networks.

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Winning at the Edge

As there are more players in the game at the edge, Arista positions themselves in several potential avenues in your network. Their open networking approach brings innovation back to the table when designing your next move. Check out how you can find the Cognitive Campus 720XP Leaf switch at the edge of your network, or chat more about what shifts are happening.

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