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HPE Nimble

Innovation, expertise, and simplicity through high-performance storage solutions.

Why HPE Nimble?

As a leader in the storage sector, HPE provides a strong application through Nimble. Learn how PivIT levers their partnership with HPE-Nimble.

All Flash Arrays

'Superior Quality' and 'Massive Popularity' are two labels Gartner put on these all-flash arrays, learn why here!


View the top reasons to consider HPE Nimble Storage dHCI and the solutions PivIT Global provides.

HPE - Nimble 

What Makes HPE and Nimble's Partnership Attractive

Nimble’s strong application performance in its entry- to mid-range flash storage solutions is backed by an intelligent, predictive analytics engine that resolves most performance issues before they occur. With their simple ease of use and InfoSight Predictive Analytics, it’s no wonder Gartner rated Nimble Storage higher than all of its competition, including well-established leading storage vendors such as PivIT.

HPE’s comprehensive portfolio, technology and services — spanning the cloud to the data center to workplace applications — help customers around the world make IT more efficient and secure. Their edge to cloud solutions, built on the finest mix of technologies, services and financial models, help you thrive.

The HPE Nimble partnership expands HPE’s leadership position in the high-growth flash storage market to create a comprehensive, leading-edge storage portfolio. It’s a combination of solutions working together to accelerate the growth of Nimble Storage while leveraging HPE’s broad go-to-market operation. This combination is one of many aspects to this partnership that excites PivIT to support HPE-Nimble.

Now you, as our valued customer, benefit from the best of both worlds: a highly efficient portfolio of technology, and an effortless management of storage volumes. Here at PivIT, our goal is to help you bridge these benefits to offer the best solutions with a unique focus on your IT needs — and your bottom line.

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All Flash Arrays

HPE Nimble’s storage platform goes beyond making storage “easy to manage”.  It’s an effortless, all-flash storage that’s radically simple, built for cloud, and delivers guaranteed 99.9999% (HPE Nimble) availability. HPE Nimble Storage seamlessly moves data across hybrid flash and all-flash storage. It’s easy to deploy and instantly ready to use. Designed for mid-sized companies and departments within larger enterprises, HPE Nimble’s strength with PivIT Global is providing flash performance at a hard drive price.

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HPE Nimble products are selected by companies looking for the speed of flash storage, efficient data reduction, exceptional reliability and cloud integration. HPE Nimble all-flash arrays store all your data in solid state flash drive technology, resulting in high performance across all reads and writes. PivIT Global is excited to offer the support of all-flash arrays as they integrate seamlessly with VMware, Microsoft applications, Oracle, Veeam, and others. 

With their scale-to-fit capacity, you’ll notice improved performance and increased flexibility. Their predictive analytics simplify planning, performance and bandwidth requirements, and make infrastructure smarter and more reliable. Your storage investment made today can support you well into the future.

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HPE Nimble dHCI

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI is a resilient and rapid platform that disaggregates compute and storage, as well as integrating hyperconverged control to provide your IT department with simple management and flexible design. Known for its robust six-nines storage availability and integrated encryption, the HPE Nimble Storage dHCI extends the hyperconverged experience for workloads with unpredictable growths, providing consistent performance.

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With HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, organizations get the flexibility of converged with the simplicity of hyperconverged (HCI). PivIT is proud to supply our customers with HPE storage equipment to meet their rigorous requirements for performance and technology right-sizing.

PivIT provides you with the best solution for your storage needs whether it is from HPE Nimbles dHCI or all-flash array. Reach out today to meet your storage needs through PivIT Global.

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HPE Nimble Expertise and Innovation

With HPE Nimble Storage, you get the flexibility of converged and the simplicity of hyperconverged (HCI). Connect with PivIT to meet your requirements for storage capacity and performance.

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