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Why Nutanix?

A leader in the hyperconverged infrastructure space brings software-centric architecture to the table. Learn more about creating a more flexible network!

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Nutanix increases network agility, intelligent operations, and superior performance through HCI. Learn more here!

Modernizing Your Data Center

We highlight three products from Nutanix's HCI offers. Learn about Nutanix AHV, Prism Infrastructure, and their Storage Management

Authorized Refurbished

Learn how PivIT's partnership with Nutanix brings some of the most value to your team and network through Authorized Refurbished hardware.

Nutanix Partnership

Nutanix pioneered the Hyper-converged Infrastucture (HCI) market, making it easier and more  flexible than ever before to design, build and manage datacenter IT.  This software-centric architecture tightly integrates virtualization, compute, storage, security and networking software into a single system, replacing complex and costly legacy infrastructure.

Nutanix solutions are built on the industry’s most popular hyperconverged infrastructure technology. Their 6-layer stack provides robust performance with predictable simplicity to power any application, at any scale. Your IT team will realize greater productivity with this highly adaptable platform that runs on turnkey, industry-standard servers enabling your enterprises to start small and scale one node at a time.

With Nutanix, you can start small to scale-up and out to any deployment size, simplifying management along the way. Built-in resiliency, native integration of ML & AI keeping apps and data highly available with optimization annd ease of operation. Other key impacts from using Nutanix are app & data protection, OEM freedom, API-based design, and native virtualization. Everyday organizations are realizing lower costs, greater efficiency, and a smaller datacenter footprint as they make the switch to HCI.

Make the Switch

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

Through Nutanix's hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), PivIT is excited to bring network agility, intelligent operations, and superior performance. Gain the ability to standardize upon infrastructure that can be deployed in minutes while adding scale to your business as it grows.

A key need when scaling is discarding multiple management consoles. With HCI you get integrated control and visibility across the virtualized infrastructure stack. The edge virtualization and hyperconverged software allows you to stack current or recent generation servers, storage, and switches in one box.

OEM's will try to lock you in as the vendor for your company. With Nutanix, building a box stays simple. There is no need to choose one specific OEM. Whether you find DellEMC servers, HPE storage units, and Cisco switches, Nutanix can bring them together into a single dashboard. This provides a massive cost savings as well as network flexibility.

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Modernizing Your Data Center

From Infrastructure Management to Storage services, Nutanix helps modernize data centers and run applications at any scale. Here we highlight three of Nutanix's best products, in the virutalization, infrastructure, and storage spaces that fit their HCI platform by modernizing your data centers. 

AHV: Virtualization

Application mobility is complex, expensive, time-consuming and prone to error. With Nutanix, you’ll experience a simple 1-click solution, providing near-zero VM downtime. This also increases the protection for your applications and data. Nutanix AHV offers a dependable and secure virtualization solution that combines ease of management, security best practices, low operational costs and optional application performance.

Prism: Infrastructure

Eliminate the complexity of infrastructure management with your entire environment monitored and managed from a single console. Here at PivIT we want to help streamline maintenance and upgrades, simply workflows, and consolidate visibility into cluster statistics with your console bringing simplicity to you and your team. Global network visualization is made possible through a VM-operational view. Customize views to fit your needs when monitoring, troubleshooting, and remediating.

Mine: Secondary Storage

Nutanix Mine Platform delivers one-click simplicity for all of your backup infrastructure. Experience a cloud-like “drop-in” solution, enjoy streamlined ordering and support for your data environment, and benefit from fully-integrated management operations. Find your solution at PivIT today!

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Authorized Refurbished

Delivering consumer-grade management of datacenter infrastructure, applications and scalability to power all workloads. IT teams can now focus on business-critical initiatives, reducing complex tasks to a single click. Through PivIT's partnerships and access to authorized refurbished programs and incentives, you can build a highly cost advantageous network. The following are three authorized refurbished with their maintenance package included:

Refurbished data center hardware allows you to transform your data center with the latest technology while stretching your budget with huge savings off new list pricing. Get in touch with a PivIT Global representative to get your hardware today!

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Make the switch today to simplify your network and free yourself from the cost of legacy equipment with an easy move to Nutanix HCI.

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