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Creating scalable networks for mid-sized enterprises

Why Ruckus

Innovation across wireless and wired technologies allows them to meet industry-specific network requirements. Learn more, why PivIT chooses to support Ruckus

Wireless APs

Premium Access Points drive Ruckus' product line. Learn how they can fit in your network from PivIT Global.


Network and WLAN controllers supporting any size of network. Learn more about what SmartZone has to offer.

ICX Switches

Enabling great customer experiences, Ruckus' ICX switch family work together to simplify your network. Learn more here.

Ruckus under CommScope

In 2019, CommScope acquired the 4 year old partnership of Ruckus and Arris. The combined companies provide greater technology, solutions and industry talent across the board. Their access to both new and growing markets is what excites PivIT Global to support Ruckus. A specialty Ruckus brings to the table is their expertise in Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). They were the first vendor to ship access points that support 3.5GHz LTE, which are used to enable the deployment of private LTE networks. Together, Commscope and Ruckus will continue to make a long-lasting impact on the industry.

To single out the Ruckus sector, the product line delivers Wi-Fi solutoins to service providers and enterprises worldwide. Their designing and manufacturing of wireless networking equipment provides gateway, access points, insight, and outdoor wireless products. Ruckus' global market share and revenue continue to be leaders in the WLAN infrastructure space. Their market share helps bring PivIT to support their products and bring them to you as trusted clients. Where they may have struggled as a corporation, their products hold their value.

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Wireless Access Points

When connectivity really matters, organizations turn to Ruckus by CommScope. Here at PivIT Global, we offer access points to fit any budget, performance requirement or deployment scenario. Whether you’re challenged with high client density or challenging outdoor environments, Ruckus access points provide secure, reliable access no matter how tough the environment. Every RUCKUS AP is packed with patented technologies that go beyond every day to ensure superior connections and awesome user experiences. Contact your PivIT representative to learn more about Ruckus APs.


SmartZone Network Controllers

Manage your wired and wireless network using a single network element. SmartZone network controllers simplify network set-up and management, enhance security, minimize troubleshooting and make upgrades easy for networks built on Ruckus access points and switches. Whether you're building complex multi-geo networks or delivering multi-tier managed networking services, SmartZone network controllers deliver the scalability, flexibility and openness to support the most sophisticated deployment scenarios.

The Ruckus SmartZone 100 controller is a perfect fit for your mid-sized enterprise while the SmartZone 300 has the capabilities to support your large enterprise networking. 

WLAN Controllers

Manage your enterprise wireless network using a single network element, ZoneDirector. The Ruckus Wireless ZoneDirector is a centrally managed Smart Wireless LAN system developed specifically for small-to-medium enterprises. With simplicity and ease of use in mind, Ruckus controllers are purpose-built to address the gap between standalone, feature-deficient APs that must be individually managed. 

The ZoneDirector 1200 is perfect for businesses that want to offer services such as voice over WiFi, IP-based video, secure enterprise access, and tiered WiFi services. Locations of services such as hotels, airports, schools and public building are where the ZoneDirector 1200 operates most effective.

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ICX Switches

The ICX Switch family work together to provide low-latency, non-blocking infrastructure ensuring excellent throughput for the most demanding applications. The switches work seamlessly with Ruckus WiFi APs, SmartZone controllers to deliver the most performance and cost effective unified wired and wireless network. For example, their ICX 7150 combines enterprise-class switching features with high performance. This series is available in a standard format, Z-Series with multi-gigabit support format, or compact. Get in touch today with PivIT's Expert to chat about the ICX Switches and their availability!

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Best-in-Class Performance

A platform delivering a scalable, high-performance WiFi structure with simplified control and management. Contact PivIT today to get access to Ruckus equipment to better your wireless set-up.

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