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Why VMware?

Learn more about one of the best operating systems you can run when working with highly virtualized environments.


Dig into your hyperconverged infrastructure with this dynamic integration tool! Learn more here.

Partnership that Brought the VxRail

Learn about how this 10-year collaboration has developed to be one of the best in the industry.

Why VMware

With its strength as a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, VMware is widely regarded as the best failsafe to keep your systems running – no matter what operating system you’re working with. Highly virtualized environments can sometimes present new security challenges. VMware’s set of virtualization-aware security products work with existing solutions to provide flexible and cost-effective security within a single management framework. VMware provides you the freedom to build and utilize current applications, while migrating seamlessly between environments to ensure that all your data remains secure and protected.

VMware’s storage management technology leads the way as the top solution capable of live storage migration – the ability to move virtual machines from one storage array to another – with no downtime. VMware continues to demonstrate innovative thinking and technology leadership. Here at PivIT we are excited to support VMware's innovative technology, and bring it to your network needs!

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Their hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) flawlessly integrates compute, networking and storage into a turnkey system data-center platform. VMware’s vSAN software can literally transform local storage into a single datastore, visible to all hosts participating in the VMware vSAN cluster. VMware Hyperconverged Infrastructure offers:

  • The broadest flexibility – consistent operations from edge to core to cloud
  • Simple evolution to full stack HCI – protects and optimizes current investments
  • Built-in security – one-click delivery for your networking and security services


DellEMC VxRail Appliance, powered by VMware, is a pioneered appliance with full VMware integration and software defined data centers. VxRail is the only fully integrated and pre-tested VMware hyper-converged infrastructure appliance that dramatically simplifies IT operations. Delivering performance and reliability with full lifecycle management, all with PivIT’s single point of support is one of its best features. The VxRail transforms your VMware infrastructure with speed and simplicity, ensuring a turnkey experience that empowers customers to modernize and transform their infrastructure operations.

VxRail, powered by DellEMC PowerEdge server platforms and VxRail HCI System Software enables deep integration across the VMware ecosystem. It consolidates compute, storage and virtualization, simplifying operations while reducing risk. All while providing a single point of support by default for all software and hardware.

Here at PivIT, we supply industry-leading infrastructure through VMware to best meet your needs. Contact a PivIT representative today to get suited with either PowerEdge servers, HCI, certified refurbished equipment, and HCI capabilities.

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DellEMC with VMware

DellEMC and VMware, Inc. partnered to give customers the latest in cloud computing and virtualization software and services. Dell and VMware’s 10-year collaboration has consistently led to unique, integrated service solutions that provide customers with the ability to simplify their IT architecture. As the companies continue to more securely integrate their features, customers are seeing the benefit of choosing Dell EMC hardware for their VMware-based hybrid cloud environments. The combination of VMware’s powerful digital foundation and DellEMC’s best-of-breed storage, compute and networking, delivers deep system integration to help modernize IT. This unique solution aligns with PivIT Global’s mission and vision to build data center solutions that best meet our customer’s needs. Customers want flexibility, scalability and access to the latest tools and frameworks across their entire IT infrastructure – and PivIT Global provides this flexibility to our customers for all their workloads.

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VMware has been positioned as a leader by Gartner in the HCI space. Take advantage of their expertise in highly virtualized operating systems by getting in touch with PivIT!

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