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NetApp Solutions from PivIT Global

Leading the pack for Enterprise Data Storage.

Why NetApp?

NetApp is the standard for enterprise data storage - consistently a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage solutions.

NetApp Disk Shelf & Filers

Gain performance and capacity at every level realizing NetApp's enterprise-class resiliency.

NetApp HCI

This is where the future of infrastructure and IT is headed and embracing hybrid cloud and multi-cloud approaches help keep you up to speed with this industry.

NetApp E-Series

The NetApp E-Series E2800 storage system is an excellent choice for wide-ranging data center...

NetApp V-Series

This is where the future of infrastructure and IT is headed and embracing hybrid cloud and multi-cloud approaches help keep you up to speed with this industry.

NetApp StorageGRID

Deliver simplicity and speed with its easy-to-use, massively scalable...

Why NetApp is Top 3 in Storage

NetApp is one of the top 3 storage companies in the world. Gartner published its Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage where NetApp ranked the highest among 17 other storage companies. As both leaders and visionaries in the storage space, NetApp competes head-to-head with Dell EMC, Pure Storage, and HPE. To remain as a leader in this space, NetApp focuses on agility and staying in-tune to the market while continuing innovation and moving forward. Their mission is to help reduce the complexity of managing a massive influx of data while simultaneously enabling you to draw new insights from it. This mission tackles the challenge of keeping up with the surge of data and drawing overwhelming new value.

Optimize to Protect Safeguard your data - no matter where you need to manage and apply it.

Designed for Simplicity Empower your people to streamline and derive higher business value.

Ready for the Inevitable Change Ahead Position your business for the future while protecting existing investments.

Open to Fuel Innovation and Choice Innovate with the freedom to choose what works best for your business.

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Disk Shelf & Filers

Gain performance and capacity at every level realizing NetApp's enterprise-class resiliency. The flexibility to meet your business demands is gained through the support for different shelves and media within a cluster - for example AFF with SSDs. Learn more here.

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NetApp HCI

Based on frictionless consumption, self-service, automation, and programmable APIs, hyper converged infrastructure accelerates new services across your clouds. Extending those benefits, NetApp’s disaggregated hybrid cloud infrastructure allows independent scaling of compute and storage, adapting to workloads with guaranteed performance. Reduce costs with unified data orchestration and integration across public, private, and on-premises environments. This takes a different approach than the well known NetApp Disk Shelf & Filer designs. Learn more if this would be a beneficial set up for you and your company.

With the increased demands across your organization, it’s time to rethink your approach to EUC – starting with the infrastructure that enables it. That means considering where the future of infrastructure and IT is headed and embracing hybrid cloud and multicloud approaches. NetApp® HCI, a hybrid cloud infrastructure, works with hypervisors and VDI software to deliver a superb user experience to your end users.

Because NetApp HCI allows independent scaling of compute and storage, it can grow with your business, at the right pace and cost, while ensuring you deliver the right level of service to your workloads with guaranteed performance. With NetApp HCI, you can reduce costs by moving the workloads running on high-end workstations back to your centralized data center. Your employees can gain remote access in real time, ensuring that:

  • Network and power outages don’t affect users’ working sessions
  • Users’ resources expand to fit their workflow and multi-workload needs
  • Data stays within the data center, regardless of where it’s accessed, safeguarding intellectual property
  • You meet the EUC requirements of a wide range of user types within your business
  • You’re using a low bandwidth for connections from the most remote locations

NetApp HCI allows you to run virtual desktops and critical user applications on the same infrastructure, making your EUC environment faster to design, deploy, manage, and scale. It ensures that the environment isn’t siloed from the rest of your IT and creates operational simplicity and efficiency. It also integrates with other important applications and services in your data center environment and beyond. We partner with leading cloud vendors to deliver true hybrid multicloud EUC.

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The NetApp® E-Series E2800 storage system is an excellent choice for wide-ranging data center storage requirements. This report provides detailed information about the multiple system configuration options with an overview of the embedded management software, SANtricity® System Manager 11.30.

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V-Series system is an open storage controller that virtualizes storage from storage array vendors, native disks, or both into a single heterogeneous storage pool. The Data ONTAP software provides a unified storage software platform that simplifies managing both native disk shelves and LUNs on storage arrays.
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NetApp StorageGRID

NetApp StorageGRID continues to deliver simplicity and speed with its easy-to-use, massively scalable, distributed unstructured data repositories. You can dynamically manage your hot and cold storage needs based on your own policies. With nearly 20 years of production deployments in the most demanding industries, StorageGRID is a recognized leader in unstructured data. StorageGRID delivers simplicity and scale with more cloud touchpoints and purpose-built appliances to solve today’s needs. With StorageGRID, you can:

  • Access data through a global namespace that easily scales to hundreds of petabytes.
  • Optimize data availability, performance, geo-distribution, retention, protection, and storage costs with metadata-driven policies that can adjust dynamically as the business value of your data evolves.
  • Extend your data fabric with product integrations across the NetApp portfolio. With data tiering from NetApp ONTAP® FabricPool to StorageGRID, you can save up to 30% of your storage footprint.
  • Enable more hybrid multicloud capabilities with validated integrations into Amazon S3 Glacier and Azure Blob. The StorageGRID CloudMirror service interfaces with Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) and with Elasticsearch. It uses the public cloud to process, to transform, and to analyze objects and metadata while securing your data in an on-premises object store.
  • Achieve flexibility to deploy and to centrally manage across infrastructures. StorageGRID can run on purpose-built appliances, on nodes as virtual machines, on bare-metal services with Docker containers, or as a combination of all three.
  • Meet regulatory obligations and facilitate compliance through tamper-proof data retention, without proprietary APIs or vendor lock-in.
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Looking for a NetApp Solution?

NetApp has built a data fabric to improve portability, operational efficiency, time to value, and freedom and flexibility of choice. NetApp is doing better than ever with respect to innovation, strategic vision, and clear leadership. Three components are required for data services: compute, network, and storage. 

Consider the standard for data storage on your next project.

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