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Al Karis

Director, Global Operations

Portland, OR

Al Karis manages the main distribution center for PivIT Global. He has 10 years of experience in this industry, managing processes and working with team members. As Director of Global Operations, he is responsible for overseeing the testing of our equipment. His team of order technicians is in our PDX (Wilsonville) Operation Center and Distribution Hub. Al's priorities and those of his team are to meet - even exceed - customer expectations, both within and outside the company.

With skills in Cisco, Juniper, and HP/Dell. Al has all the tools he needs to lead the charge in providing customers with polished final products. He excels in team leadership, motivating the internal Ops team and giving them the tools to do their jobs successfully. Al loves to educate his team on who our customers are and share success stories that tie back to their job responsibilities. From having that purpose, Al sees how coming to work every day, ready to perform at his highest potential, directly relates to PivIT success.

Al's enthusiasm for the industry is contagious. He can see the way PivIT is growing in the industry. In the strongly-tilted software world of IT, he sees his PivIT team moving forward with quality hardware support that saves customers money and time.

Al is an avid golfer and loves anything to do with golf; in fact, that was part of the draw of Portland! The beach is a great place to find Al and his dog Loki. International travel is on his list of favorites, where he enjoys learning about other cultures and lifestyles. Other sports, like baseball, basketball, and softball keep Al busy, and he hopes to get involved in area Little League. Add some classic rock and a little country, and you've got a great overall picture of Al.

Be grateful, every day is a gift, always do your best and have a positive attitude.

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