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Today, more than ever, organizations are looking for ways to reduce their Opex maintenance costs while extending the life of their network and not sacrifice support or coverage in doing so. PivIT’s OneCall maintenance provides clients with 24×7 tech support with NBD or 4-Hour hardware replacement options in over 60 countries. OneCall offers direct access to the most knowledgeable engineers in the industry, available to assist with troubleshooting, configuration support, design, implementation and more. The team at PivIT recommends a ‘hybrid’ approach – some items under OEM support while other items are a better fit for PivIT’s OneCall Maintenance – the combination of OEM support plus OneCall, offers the best overall support at the absolute best price. Our goal is to significantly reduce your spend while offering equal to or better support.

  • No more forced OEM upgrades – your network, on your terms.
  • Hybrid Approach – 40-60% savings on average.
  • NBD and 4-Hour Advance Hardware Replacement Options – custom SLA’S to meet your requirements.
  • OneCall Portal – single pane of glass to manage contracts (serial numbers, part ID’s, locations, SLA, tickets, etc.)
  • Flexible Contracts, Co-Term available, including multiple OEM’s under one contract.
  • Exceptional Customer Service, Immediate top level engineers

PivIT OneCall presents options for our clients allowing them to keep control of their network; their way, on their schedule, and saves them money along the way.

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