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Aria Rowley

Director, Business Operations

Santa Barbara, CA
Aria Rowley has been in the industry for 5 years, but with PivIT since the beginning! As our first employee, Aria is our go-to on just about anything, and interfaces easily with people of all different backgrounds and ways of life. She is the person we rely on in working with customers, vendors, coworkers, delivery people, and many more. She works closely with each of these groups, crafting a framework for processes that directly impact them. Aria can handle procedures and decisions from the top down and is not afraid to deal with the “nitty-gritty” of business. Not many people know that Aria has an interest in CSI forensics. She worked in a DOJ forensics crime lab during college, and had originally intended to pursue CSI as a career! She still uses her prodigious internet skills to investigate weird happenings and interesting people. She is a voracious reader, preferring non-fiction, and has a zest for life unmatched by most. This enthusiasm for interacting with people and living life to its fullest has lead Aria to become active in several causes, including the climate crisis, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, animal rights, criminal justice reform, mental health, and substance abuse rehabilitation. She has also volunteered with School on Wheels, which is a non-profit that provides free tutoring to children experiencing homelessness. You may also find her on the side of the road with her dog, Ripley, picking up trash to keep it out of the creeks and, ultimately, ocean. Aria’s personal motto is to live authentically, and she strives to do this every day. After hours, you may find her at happy hour with a 7 and 7 as she delves into Charles Bukowski or Aldous Huxley. As technology advances exponentially, Aria will be fully prepared to meet the changes and trends her clients face. She works out of our Santa Barbara, CA location.
Aria Rowley is a member of our Business Administration team here at PivIT Global.

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