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Darin Knobbe

Logistics Coordinator

Portland, OR
The Marketing and Strategy Department of PivIT Global is one of the best in the industry, and Darin Knobbe is one of the reasons. He works on the providing salespeople with a simple system to send Swag to prospects and clients, content creation, and the overall outlook of the marketing content. He researches new marketing avenues, revises old systems and keeps us moving forward in our marketing campaigns. He often says his job allows him to look at PivIT from a 30,000 foot view and target key areas of engagement. One thing that Darin loves about his job at PivIT Global is the fact that he constantly has to think on his feet and then put those thoughts into action. The job also allows him to fail - which leads to greater innovation. Darin enjoys the fact that there are similar values between PivIT and himself. Darin is a big reader, enjoying books like The Boys in the Boat, EntreLeadership, The Hard Hat, Wild at Heart, and many more. But don't get the idea that he spends all his time reading. Darin is certified in kayaking! He also loves baseball and most other sports, following Husker Sports, Major League Baseball, the PGA, and a variety of adventurists. You can catch him enjoying a cold Coors Light, but you'll probably end up talking about entrepreneurship or agriculture. 
Darin Knobbe is a member of our Marketing team here at PivIT Global.

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