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Desi Albarez

Sr. Account Executive

Santa Barbara, CA
One of our remote salesmen is Desi Albarez. He has 15 years of experience in the IT industry and is fluent in Cisco, HP, and Dell. His strength is in collaborative teamwork and excels in building relationships, both within the sales department and externally with clients and vendors. Desi enjoys building these connections and is not intimidated by challenging situations, which suits him well in the cold calling area of sales! Desi also likes the work atmosphere of PivIT Global, where he has the freedom to create and "think outside the box". He appreciates the support and guidance he receives from the PivIT team leaders, who are always there when he needs them. Desi calls it "organic mentorship" that is unique to PivIT. Desi is a big reader, and especially enjoys philosophy and contemplating the human experience. Some of his favorite authors are Graham Hancock, Carl Jung, George Gurdjieff, Dalai Lama, and Bruce Lee. He also studies archaeology and is fascinated by past civilizations and their accomplishments. As for music, Desi loves hip-hop, funk, and electronic music and likes to make his own "Soundwad" mixes. He also plays guitar to relax. He and his wife Briana have a big, huggable dog named Barkley. Desi says the dog is a 10-year-old giant mix of Poodle and Doberman.
Desi Albarez is a member of our Sales team here at PivIT Global.

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