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Alberto Hernandez

Sales Transaction Manager

Santa Barbara, CA

Alberto "Beto" is one of our resident Cisco experts. He routinely jumps in as a problem solver for coworkers and clients. Alberto works as a concierge and liaises for Erin and her customers so that she can prospect new clients. He also handles IE building quotes and sends orders to the processing team. We know we can count on Beto, whose personal motto is "If you're 5 minutes early, you're 15 minutes late."

Having worked with IT for so long, Beto is excited about changes and advancements in the industry. There is so much room to grow personally and professionally, and he is always calculating the next step. Alberto is a great addition to the environment at PivIT and enjoys the work environment here. And, if you like sports, Beto is your man. He's always reading sports articles and stays up to date on sports news.

Beto used to work for a non-profit organization that helped at-risk teenagers stay out of gangs. Now, if he is not problem-solving at PivIT, he and his spouse, Diana, are enjoying the evening together. He loves sports and likes to play soccer - sometimes with his husky dog - and you may find him after work at the Fig enjoying Redbelly or Red Rock.

The person I'm chasing is me in 10 years...I will never catch him, but it gives me something to strive to be.


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