Team Portal Hero Image

Alex Cohen

Operations Technician

Portland, OR

At PivIT Global, we look for team members who are skilled and confident enough to make decisions. Alex Cohen is one of these teammates. In his own words, Alex is a "Tech Masta" and has been at PivIT Global for nearly 2 years. In fact, he is one of our resident Cisco experts.

Alex brings levity and expertise to his team, taking pride in the quality of the product they deliver to our many clients. With his sense of humor, we thought he would make a great salesman, but he swears he couldn't sell a torch to a caveman. He is excited about the advances in the industry regarding Virtual Reality and 3D printing. Engineering the support systems of switches, servers, and routers to work other hardware and software programs is a challenge he rises to on a daily basis, employing creative yet practical solutions to client requests. He places honesty and hard work at the top of his priority list, both at work and play.

Speaking of play, Alex and his wife Liza - and their little dog - enjoy good food and cookouts. Alex's skills with the BBQ are almost legendary, and he makes a great green smoothie. If he's not grilling, you may find him at happy hour with a burger and beer. Besides food, Alex's free time is consumed by the local dog rescue or enjoying the great outdoors. He also supports local schools, getting involved whenever he can, often offering his technical skills without charge.

I believe in honesty, hard work, and good food.