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Elliott Reese

Senior Account Executive

Santa Barbara, CA

PivIT Global serves clients all over the world, and our sales and services staff work hard to take care of these international clients. Elliott Reese has a strong client base throughout the United States, but ventures into the U.K. He provides agnostic IT solutions and support platforms and has been in the industry for 12 years.

Elliott, or El-Dawg, and his wife Karen are in our Santa Barbara, CA location. He says that the PivIT culture and personnel make it easy to come to work every day, and he is most proud of the fact that we can help clients save money on their IT initiatives. No matter what happens, he says that PivIT will be on the forefront to ensure our clients stay relevant and have access to any new future technology. Elliott is proficient in Cisco, Juniper, and HP.

Currently, Elliott is learning Spanish. He loves running and can be found either on the soccer field or working with the American Outlaws Organization, which is a U.S. Men & Women's Soccer support group. When he's not playing soccer or working, you may find Elliott sipping on a mezcal or bourbon-based cocktail as he reads Stephen King or non-fictional history.

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