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Mia Gebhardt

Program Manager

Santa Barbara, CA
In our Santa Barbara, CA office, you might be able to catch Mia Gebhardt as she darts around taking care of people. She is a very busy support person who makes sure her Sales People have  everything they need. Besides processing orders, Mia is on hand to trace communications, track down hardware, liaise between the warehouse and salespeople, and any other job that needs to be handled on the fly.
Mia loves the people here at PivIT Global, as well as the location in Santa Barbara. She likes her coworkers and takes any problem as a personal challenge. With the growing and changing industry, Mia expects to be busy for years to come. Mia has a dog named Stella and in her spare time, she volunteers with animal rights groups. She is passionate about supporting and donating to animal groups and lives by the motto “Adopt, Don’t Shop.” When she’s not volunteering, you may find Mia enjoying a Moscow Mule as she reads her most recently acquired self-help book. She loves good food and isn’t timid to try out new restaurants.

A little help with a little smile gives meaning to human life."

-Abhijit Naskar



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