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What Hardware Can I Configure with the Remote Staging Environment?

Great Question! The answer: the environment is complete with both Digi and Raritan KVM over IP to remotely access your devices. Just about anything that can be connected can be remotely configured and staged with our remote staging environments! 



I was able to get over 1,200 APs configured remotely, all staged and boxed the way my on-site techs were expecting the gear & then you guys shipped in about a quarter of the time it would have taken me to do it the 'old way' at my desk..."

Nick M., Sporting Venue Management Company

We frequently see customers staging Cisco hardware, servers & even support Remote Access Cards such as iDRAC and iLO.  The possibilities are truly endless and we'll work with you to accommodate any special or unique requests and requirements that you may have! Just mention any specific questions to your account executive!

Finally, a cost effective way to get your gear ready to deploy without the hassle of doing everything on your own.

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