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Make sure you've got everything you'll need & how-to access the staging environment & configure your gear!

Network Design

poc-vpn customer staging design overview


Our staging environments are built to securely support multiple users at once using distinct subnets for each customer/user group.  Once your environment engagement has arranged with your account executive, we'll provide you detailed instructions for connecting, specific to accessing your unique subnet for the duration of your engagement.

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How to Connect to Your Staging Environment

Access to the environment is done using a Cisco AnyConnect VPN.

Once Connected
We have designed the environments with these methods for remote access:
  • KVM Over IP with Raritan
  • Server Remote Access Cards (iLO, iDRAC, CIMC, etc.)
  • Serial-based Interfaces Accessible Using RJ-45 via Digi Console Servers

You will be provided a unique username and password for KVM over IP, terminal server & a fresh install of Ubuntu desktop (with specific access instructions)

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